Mr. Paliwal Ravindra an Mechanical Engineer with 25 years of experience. He is well versed In Development of Prototype machines, equipment & Product development right from Concept to commissioning Designit4u offers engineering services in CAD/CAM/CAE related to New Product Development, Design, Engineering and Manufacturing. The delivery of these prototyping, concept, design and rendering services is based on a well established development process Designit4u offers product design and development services from concept generation through the final design ready for product introduction. We can help you meet your schedule by designing single components, complete subassemblies, or your entire product. Designit4u will work with your design team to optimize their designs for cost, reliability, and ease of manufacturing. We can also take your sketches or existing designs and optimize them for injection molding, machining, forming, and other fabrication methods as needed. We can undertake small or large projects from a formal specification or simple outline idea, taking them through the full design, detailing, manufacturing and production release phases. Being flexible, we can work both independently or as part of a full integrated cross-functional team, doing as little or as much work as required. Component Design, Material Specification, Assembly and Tooling considerations, Manufacturing Methods, Technology Appraisal are all part of this process.

Engineering Analysis



Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is one of the most powerful virtual product design and verification simulation tool available for predicting the behavior of complete systems, sub-systems, components or assemblies during expected or extreme use,in a virtual environment. Designit4u can develop FEA models for all types of analysis.



Linear and NonLinear Statics Analysis Linear and Non-Linear statics analysis is used for design and verification of products using a variety of structural and thermal loads. Knowing how a design will perform under different statics load conditions allows Designit4u engineers to recommend changes prior to physical prototyping, thus saving clients both time and money. Non-linearity includes geometric and material non-linearity effects. In the real world, most engineering problems contain some kind of nonlinear effect.


Static fea