Design Services

Designit4u offers design and development services from concept generation through the final design ready for product introduction.

We can help you meet your schedule by designing single components, complete subassemblies, or your entire product.

Designit4u will work with your design team to optimize their designs for cost, reliability, and ease of manufacturing.

We can also take your sketches or existing designs and optimize them for injection molding, machining, forming, and other fabrication methods as needed.

We can undertake small or large projects from a formal specification or simple outline idea, taking them through the full design, detailing, manufacturing .

Being flexible, we can work both independently or as part of a full integrated cross-functional team, doing as little or as much work as required. Component Design,

Material Specification, Assembly and Tooling considerations, Manufacturing Methods, Technology Appraisal are all part of this process.

Engineering Analysis

FEA capabilities improve the product development cycle through Engineering Simulation techniques.

At Designit4u, we understand that right from the design process, you as a manufacturer are under pressure to shorten time-to-market cycles while producing better products. These complex products function under a number of variables, and it is the designer's task to assign values to these variables to meet specific design objectives like performance and durability, within defined boundaries like size and cost.

Designit4u's design engineers use FEA and design optimization technologies to apply numerical algorithms and techniques to improve the product or system's performance, weight, reliability and cost.

Cut costs with our pre-production simulation Early in the design cycle, Designit4u's engineers and designers can simulate and optimize designs .This allows time for other departments in your manufacturing plant to provide their feedback before production takes place, saving time and cost in the manufacturing process.

Our multidisciplinary design optimization ensures collaboration between teams to produce concurrent engineering solutions and integrate them through workflow process integration. You will find this particularly cost-effective and efficient while designing complex engineering systems.

Test the design, improve it and check for alternatives

In CAE, we create finite element modeling (FEM); apply loads and boundary conditions to iterate for different solutions to study physical responses such as stress, strain and pressure.

Once we get the CAE design, we will check to match it with the theoretical design to arrive at the final product design.
The aim is to design products that perform better in the real world.

With Finite Element Analysis( FEA), manufacturers can

Optimize products and parts.
Improve the Efficiency / Functionality of existing designs.
Conduct Failure Analysis investigations.
Rapid development of new products.
Provide greater product reliability.
Reduce material content or to choose less expensive alternative material.
Improve the product manufacturing process
Improve product quality

Our FEA services

Linear and Non-Linear Statics Analysis
Optimization- Size and Shape
Frequency and Buckling Analysis
Vibration Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Metal Forming Analysis
Material Cost Reduction Studies

Contact Stress Analysis
Durability and Fatigue Analysis
Manufacturing Analysis
Reliability and Robustness

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
Stochastic Analysis
Impact & Crash Analysis
Noise, Vibration (NVH) Analysis
Topology & Free Size Optimization

Linear and Non-Linear Optimization
Structural Crashworthiness
Mechanism Analysis

Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD)
Kinematics Simulations
Design Sensitivity Analysis


Designit4u specializes in providing mechanical design for applications in which a high level of engineering analysis and expertise is required to deliver the necessary levels of problem solving, performance, safety and reliability.

Designit4u is able to leverage its comprehensive stress analysis and simulation capability to provide detailed design insight and viable design solutions rapidly.

Our rates for general mechanical design, CAD draughting and technical documentation remain competitive with industry standards. However, our highly qualified and experienced design staffs are all able to conduct detailed stress analysis & performance calculations throughout the design process ensuring that our design solutions meet or exceed the customer requirements with minimal prototype testing and development.

Designit4u provides technically rigorous mechanical design for applications that span the full breadth of the engineering industry, from simple structures, enclosures and mechanisms to complex high-integrity systems. Our mechanical design services are underpinned by our world-class engineering calculation and simulation capability and our team of experienced and highly-qualified staff.

Mechanical Design & Product Development

Specialist Plant & Machinery

Electro-Mechanical Design

Control System Design & Development

Structure & Mechanism Design& Analysis

Electro-Mechanical Element Selection & Sizing

Mechanical Element Selection & Sizing

Full 3D CAD &Technical Drawing Preparation

Component Sizing & Design

Design Optimization

Visualization & Animation

Actuation & Drive Selection & Sizing

Thermal Systems Design & Analysis

Fluid Design, Vibration Design

Sensing & Digital System Integration

Patent & IPR Protection Support



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